Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox 4's Richard Rose last night when talking about recent lightening strikes of houses: "One thing you've always heard it never take a shower during a lightening storm." Say what? Anyone else ever heard that?
  • The stripes on 114 through Grapevine are half white and half black. 
  • Funny observation one of my family members said yesterday as we celebrated my dad's birthday at a restaurant: "It must be 'Bring Your Daughter To Lunch' Day". But they weren't daughters. At least not the daughter of the person they were with. Funny. 
  • Other funny moment: My brother to his son: "You want to bet on that TCU/Baylor game?" Son: "Baylor will beat 'em by 30." Me (fairly quietly): "I don't know about that." Son (after hearing me): "They'll beat 'em by 20." Me: "I'm not sure about that either". Son: "Ok, let me think about this." Brother (to me): "You're not exactly helping me here."
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou? is genius. I see something new every time.
  • I don't understand those that think a police execution would be justified just because a kid steals a box of cigars -- especially when the cop doesn't know about the cigars. 
  • There was something wrong with Babe Laufenberg during the Cowboys' game on Saturday night. He was talking really fast with a high pitch and didn't make sense at times.
  • I woke up in the middle of the night on Sunday morning only to hear the unexpected rain come pouring down. Loved it.
  • If you're a 19 year old innocent looking white boy, you might want to rethink face tattoos. (Denton Book In Photo.)
  • Rick Perry being indicted will only help Rick Perry. But he does have to decide what facial expression to have in his mugshot. 
  • When I'm upset, I can't eat. I literally have to force food down. 
  • I watched about five minutes of the Mike Huckabee Show on Fox this weekend which included catching a crowd shot at the beginning. I was blinded by the whiteness. And no one is more uncomfortable and stiff in front of an audience that Huckabee. 
  • We still have The Family Pig. It spends most of its time outdoors rooting around but I looked up yesterday and saw it pressed up against the back door on two legs begging to come in. It has developed dog qualities. 
  • Fascinating: The acceptance rate for students of schools in the USA Today's Top 25 football poll. Stanford's number is stunning.