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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Devon continues to move away from natural gas and towards oil. That can't be good for Wise County.
  • Please be real: Johnny Football is now hanging out with Justin Bieber
  • D Magazine has a guess as to who is behind the "666" vandalism in Dallas. (And is there graffitti that gets people more worked up than 666 or a swastika?)
  • If the cross stealing lady in Cleburne -- whose image was perfectly captured by a security cam -- is not under arrest by noon today, I'd be surprised. 
  • There's a weird murder case reported in the Update today. The guy was arrested earlier this year in Florida, but I don't know if it was on the murder warrant. (And if you want to read a news story about the arrest which has to be computer generated simply by using the arrest record, see this.)
  • There is a headline in the Star-Telegram today about the family of an inmate suing Tarrant County after that inmate was murdered in jail by another inmate. The background of the two is fascinating. The dead guy, Jonny Holden, was the subject of a very sad Dallas Observer cover story. His alleged killer is on death row for killing a metroplex pastor and may be one of the most violent people to ever live. He went berserk after his death sentence was handed down. 
  • I can't do many impersonations, but I can do a great Kevin Spacey from House of Cards.
  • I listened to five minutes of the Ben and Skin show on 105.3 The Fan yesterday. Who is that yuck monkey in the background who is always screaming? And that show is unlistenable. It's like they have the program director in studio who is holding up a sign that says, "More energy! More energy!"
  • We got new rugs for our fake hardwood floors and, as we were installing them, the Family Cat just sat and stared as if to say, "This must be my new scratch toys. I will destroy them tonight while you sleep." (He didn't.)
  • World Cup fun facts for today . . .
  • Belgium borders Germany and was able to hold them off for a whole 18 days in World War II. 
  • Over twenty Belgiums would fit within Texas. 
  • The only Belgium front page I could find referencing today's game against the U.S.: