What Do You See?

I don't know why I subscribe to the Denton Book-In twitter feed, but I do.

This photo popped up yesterday, and I find it hypnotic. 56? That's not that old. But what a hard, hard life this lady looks to have had.

Some, if not most, people will say "Well, that's the result of her life's choices." Perhaps. But no one who is a stranger to this woman knows that for sure.

I used to listen to Dr. Laura Schlessinger's radio show and would get so outraged when she would just lay into some young mother who had screwed up. Schlessinger's basic thesis was that if a mother didn't properly raise her child, then that the child had very little chance to be emotionally happy and stable in adulthood.  And I always thought: What if that mom/caller was one of those kids who didn't have a chance as well? Maybe, just maybe, that's the reason she screwed up. It was as if no matter what your upbringing, Schlessinger hypocritically thought that once you hit 18 years of age you should just magically shed all your baggage and do all the right things. I suppose most of us are able to do that, but I suspect many of us cannot.

I'm not sure what category the above woman falls into. But, man, those eye. Those eyes.