Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Adam Sandler has had yet another bomb with tanking of Blended this summer, and I think his comedy officially died two years ago at the People's Choice Awards. I remember his acceptance speech and thinking, "What the heck is he doing?" because it was the most unfunny thing I'd ever seen. (As I went to search for it, I thought it had been at the Teen Choice Awards because that would be the only place it would be accepted -- but it would bomb there as well.)
  • Back in September of 2011, I switched to ASICS running shoes. I finally got a replacement for them this weekend. Oddly, it was the inside and not the outside that finally wore out. 
  • And while jogging yesterday, I came across a momma duck with about eight of the tiniest baby ducks crossing the street. When they got to the curb, there were some that just hopped up while two or three would go tumbling back down. Momma waited patiently until the last one finally made it. It was the best part of my day. 
  • Upon reflection, that Clint Eastwood and Empty Chair bit at the Republican National Convention three years ago was a disaster.
  • The Feds raided John Wiley Price's offices three years ago and he has yet to be charged? And now the want to "meet" with him? I'd tell them to take a flying leap. 
  • The Hobby Lobby opinion from the Supreme Court, which will decided the legality of the requirement in the Affordable Care Act that employers cover contraception, should be released this morning. Man, the Far Right will go nuts if Hobby Lobby doesn't win (which they are predicted to.)
  • The Tea Party is basically the Libertarian Party who want the government to impose Christian values on the masses. I mean, the two just differ wildly on social issues. 
  • The head of the Tea Party in Mississippi committed suicide after that crazy Senate election. 
  • Mrs. LL to the Sixth Grader In The House in a moment of reflection: "If he hadn't married us he would be in Costa Rica right now surrounded by girls in bikinis feeding him grapes." Sixth Grader (confused), "Why would they be feeding him grapes?"  
  • Ann Coulter trolls America with a stupid column about soccer.  But those games over the weekend were pretty dang entertaining. I should hate the concept of a shootout but I loved it (both of them.) 
  • Mark Davis has written his first book. It's about what the rest of America can learn from Texas. That doesn't exactly sound like a subject with mass appeal. 
  • I bet I watched about six episodes of House of Cards this weekend. I think I've decided that a laptop and headphones are the only way to go. 
  • The craziest story of the weekend: An incoming Texas Tech's star freshman football player was kicked out of school for slugging another person during a pickup basketball game. The person he punched was last year's leading scorer on Tech's girl's basketball team. 
  • The Dallas Morning News will oftentimes "feature" a metroplex mansion. Man, this one on Preston Trail is a doozy.   And I love the mortgage calculator option on that page for it.