Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Jon Stewart's lambasting of Fox's Sean Hannity's position on the Bundy Ranch was perfect.
  • We are sending troops into Eastern Europe. Really? Do we have to get involved in everything?
  • The Fifth Grader in the House used the term "life hack" the other day. 
  • Fort Worth motorcycle death
  • The Ticket did a segment on this Cadillac commercial this morning calling it the most controversial one on TV.  Ugly American? The 1%-ers? They doing a bit? 
  • This has been going around recently: "When I think of ten years ago, I think of the 1990s and not the 2000s." I seriously have to catch myself all the time. This happened to someone on the radio during the Masters when they said it had been 10 years since Tiger had missed the tournament. Nope, it was 20 years. 
  • Mrs. LL sheepishly told me last night that she went to a different pet food store and bought cat food, dog food, and turtle food and was shocked by the bill. This has to bad if she's fessing up.
  • Sports: (1) Ranger Nick Martinez went five innings and gave up six four runs but only two of them earned. Advantage nemesis. (2) That was so odd for UT's Charlie Strong to say the Longhorns wouldn't be playing in the national championship game this season. He made the statement during a  promotional tour through DFW. There was no reason to say it. (3) The NFL schedule will be released on ESPN tonight at 7:00 going head to head with the Mavs game. I wonder if it's the NFL paying back Cuban for his "implode in ten years" comment. (4) Local sports talk radio was full of Stars bandwagoners yesterday. (5) The new commercials for the SEC Network are fantastic. 
  • I just heard someone mention that it was Administrative Assistants Day.  Uh, oh. Panic. 
  • I caught a little bit of O'Reilly last night with some lady on there commenting about the Supreme Court decision allowing Michigan voters to decide that race should not be considered a factor in college admissions. She said something along the lines of "the Court was correct because there is no constitutional provision to overturn state elections." Huh? Have a state election to establish a religion and see how that works out. 
  • That $3 million fracking verdict will be hard to hang on to. 
  • Oklahoma court confusion: It's highest criminal court refuses to stop an execution, then the highest civil court stays the execution, and then the Governor says I'll give everyone seven days to figure out who has jurisdiction.