Random Friday Morning THoughts

  • I blew by Nancy Grace last night and heard her say, "I'm on the fence on this case because I don't know the truth." Darlin', everyone knows that's never stopped you. (But I don't think I've ever heard her say that.) 
  • A great blog post on Rick Perry's position on the current "land grab" of the federal government (Bundy Ranch; Texas border?) compared to his desire in 2005 to confiscate a half million acres of Texas land to build his failed Trans Texas Corridor that caused farmers and ranchers to show up in Austin to protest.
  • Loved Jon Stewart's response to Sean Hannity getting his feelings hurt for being exposed on the Bundy Rebellion. After observing how incredible it is that Hannity's program even exists in this day and time, he says, "And to see [your show] night after night serving up the same [expletive deleted] --my god, you're the Arby's of news."
  • I've seen more of Stephen Colbert since it was announced that he got the Late Show gig. Funny? I think not. Here's a non-sports prediction: He will be fired within the year.
  • A complicated, important and interesting legal issue popped up at work yesterday and when I got home I could not stop thinking about it. And I tried. Then it dawned on me that I've done that all my life. If something significant occurs which causes me concern, whether it be work, relationships, or financial, I can't turn it off for two or three days. 
  • The Star-Telegram's paywall is finally working over the last three or so weeks. 
  • My weird food taste: I buy beans which appear to be marketed towards large hispanic families.
  • It's almost impossible to watch the news with the kids in the room. Last night Fox 4 started out with footage of the dog being shot in Rains County and the second story was footage of a Dallas cop shooting some guy which got her indicted
  • Sportsy: (1) Another reason Ranger fans should hate C.J. Wilson (2) It's amazing that Sports Illustrated puts all of its old issues online. Here's a NFL Draft Preview from 25 years ago. (3) New Knicks president Phil Jackson says that under the collective bargaining agreement that players need to make "sacrifices financially."  Umkay. Jackson is reported to make $12 million a year. And the owners of the hapless Milwaukee Bucks were just sold for $550 million after being bought for $18 million in 1989.
  • We may have another school stabbing incident developing