Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Burned ponies recovering in Decatur per WFAA.
  • Prosecutors used to make a small fortune on collecting on hot checks and receiving a fee for their efforts. With checks going the way of the dinosaur, those days are over. (And that "fee" always seemed seedy to me.)
  • Earlier this month: The lawyer who has hired Bon Jovi, Sting, and Miley Cyrus to play at his Christmas parties won a verdict of over $9 billion. Idiocracy reigns. 
  • Someone commented last night that the Star-Telegram will make a major announcement this week. I have no idea if that is true. But if it is, you heard it hear first.
  • Troy Aikman's new girlfriend. Hey, now. (I learned that from Busted Coverage but I hate that site because it makes my computer grind to a halt.)
  • That David Dewhurst attack ad on Dan Patrick isn't bad. Back in the debate, Patrick's bankruptcy came up and I thought then that would be an issue with the Hard Right.  (Because, after all, you just have to work hard and money will coming flooding in. Right?) 
  • Mrs. LL is repainting the kitchen. Right now it looks like Hiroshima in 1945.
  • Sports: (1) No nemesis update. We both agree on Yu Darvish. (2) "Colts place [former Cowboy] Phil Costa on 'Reserve/Retired' list. Signed 2-yr, $2.75M contract on March 14 that included $450k in guaranteed money." I don't know if he gets any of that money. (3) "Baylor sucks" - Texas Linebacker. (3A) "We will not be in the national championship game.” - UT Head Coach Charlie Strong (4) That shot by Kevin Durant last night was insane. (5) Mavs coach Rick Carlisle is a miserable human being. Last week he was being interviewed by the Musers when George Dunham asked him a harmless questions about him playing the piano. "What does that have to do with playoff basketball?" Carlisle said. Jerk. (9:50 mark.)
  • Mrs. LL is concerned that she's older than Bubba Watson. I'm concerned she's older than Emma Watson. (That's a joke. Baby? Honey?)
  • Hey civil lawyers: How is that Dallas fracking lawsuit filed in a county court at law when they are "asking for more than $9 million" in damages?
  • That teen stowaway story may be true? There's footage of him getting in the wheel well in San Jose. I still can't believe it.
  • Pat Tillman died ten years ago today. His brother's remarks at his funeral are still as shocking as when they were uttered -- grieving or not. (I've read Tillman's mom' book but, somehow, not Jon Krakauer's book.)
  • How do we have a baseball playoff for second place with Bridgeport and Decatur playing each other and the winner then having to beat Krum twice
  • I began watching the 30 for 30 episode on the Hillsborough soccer tragedy. It was great. But I had to turn it off after Mrs. LL yelled at me for watching it with the Fifth Grader in he House.