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Not Even Sure How This Idea Was Dreamed Up In The First Place


Anonymous said...

C'mon Waco police, let the herd thin themselves.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a great idea!!
A play button.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't even at Diadeloso. That could happen at any time.

That being said, Baylor looks more fun than it was when I was there.


Anonymous said...

First, that was from 2010.

Second, it is Diadeloso.

Third, this looks like it was on privaty property off campus.

Fourth, there is nothing to tie this to Baylor except the Dia Del Oso tag on the YouTube label.

Anonymous said...

Fifth, there are empty beer cans on the ground. Everyone at Baylor knows to use a dixie cup or a brown paper bag when drinking.

Anonymous said...

As long as there is no dancing, I'm cool with it.

DF Abner McCall