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Texas School Bus Driver Mocks Crying Girl

Well, we are missing a big part of the story here: What was she crying about? That could change everything.

Have the flu? No mock
Dog died? No mock
Dropped candy? Mock
Just drove by horrific car crash? No mock
The Wiggles were still on when you left the house? Mock
Learned Justin Bieber got arrested? Mock
Learned Liberally Lean won't be updated that day? No mock.

It's all relative. In criminal law, where there is also a lot of crying, we call it "totality of the circumstances."  We need more information.


Anonymous said...

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

DF Leslie Gore

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's cryin' time again, you're gonna leave me.

DF Ray Charles

Anonymous said...

When the lights have lost their glow, you're gonna cry, cry, cry.

DF Johnny Cash

Anonymous said...

There's no crying in baseball. Bus crying okay, but no baseball crying.

DF Jimmy Dugan

Anonymous said...

Well, cry me a river!

DF Ella Fitzgerald

Anonymous said...

Barry, more Mock-No Mock list items please. Enjoyed it.

DF Liberally Lean Addict
now in rehab

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to Cry

Anonymous said...

Parents voted for Obama? Mock

Puppy died that should have never been bred to begin with? Mock

Has a 50 year old father that mentions Justin Bieber? Mock

Just drove by a predominately liberal neighborhood (ghetto)? No mock

Anonymous said...

Good chance the bus driwer wuz blick.

Anonymous said...

If Obama had pulled the troops sooner, this never would have happened.

DF Russ Taff said...

"i Cry"

Anonymous said...

Blick as the inside of your hit.

Anonymous said...

Really? Nobody said "I cried through the whole movie"?

Well, let me be the first.

I cried through the whole movie

HarveyLee said...

" Little White Cloud that Cried"
Johnny Ray

RatherBeSailing said...

" Crying"
Roy Orbison

Anonymous said...

you're gonna cry..96 tears...cry cry cry now....

Anonymous said...

Yep..that is bullying. That child is marked for life. She will always feel nobody likes her and will hold all emotions in for fear of rejection...if she does not get help to work through the trauma.

Anonymous said...

Now it's your turn, girl, to cry.

DF Steve Perry


DDF Arnel Pineda