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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It's hard to believe that Jerry Jones has owned the Cowboys for 25 years. The team had only been in existence for 29 years when he bought it. 
  • It's National Signing Day. Anyone remember the Dallas kid who signed his letter of intent from a hot tub years ago?
  • One feel good story is aTm honoring a scholarship offer to a kid who will never be able to play for the Aggies. 
  • Radio Shack is reportedly about to close 500 stores. Does such a strategy ever work or is it just postponing the inevitable? And didn't they try to rename themselves simply "The Shack" a few years ago? 
  • It's a rare day when I'm willing to watch a 30 second ad before an Internet video. I'll fight through 10 or 15 second ads, but not half a minute.
  • Wrong way driver hits two squad cars in Irving last night. 
  • So DMX is going to fight George Zimmerman? I don't know who DMX is but I'd be a little nervous. 
  • The Ticket Boys referenced a listener this morning who suddenly died on pneumonia at the age of 32. One of his last tweets was, "I hate that I've been awake since 2:30am this stupid cough won't go away!”
  • I got an email from an alleged lawyer yesterday "suggesting" that I take down the story of the girl who got arrested for not paying her bill saying it was borderline "libelous". I did since I'll take down anything that anyone has a serious objection based on accuracy. But that's the first time I've had such a request in years. (And good luck trying to remove a viral story from the Internet.)
  • Today's Messenger referred to Rhome as Wise County's third largest city. That made me think Wise County is really small as opposed to Rhome being really big.
  • I don't understand this letter to the editor about former judge Sharen Wilson hugging the victims of a DWI death.  Was she the judge assigned to the case? Did she reject the plea bargain? 
  • That story on the front page about the Keller woman taking a plea deal is pretty interesting. It even has a youtube interview of her from her jail cell. Edit: Link fixed.