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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Got lots of emails about this lawyer ad. (By the way, I saw an ad yesterday from Jim Adler, The Texas Hammer, which had him jumping out of a helicopter to help his client. I've got to step up my game.)
  • Very random thought: I'd pay money to see Toby Keith and Charlie Daniels on Glee against their will.
  • Today, Ted Cruz is"releasing a six-page report on 'The Obama Administration’s Assault on Texas,' highlighting some of the legal friction points between the state and federal governments and warning that Obama has sought to expand federal power at the expense of states, especially Texas." Sheesh. 
  • Once I'm done hating on Cruz, Perry, and Abbott, I'll move on to Barry Smitherman. His latest commercial appeals to the lowest common denominator. 
  • The members of Motley Cure signed a “Cessation Of Touring Agreement” to prove this will be their last tour. If only it were legally binding. 
  • Remember when there was a skating rink and movie theaters at Love Field? I saw Butch Cassidy and and the Sundance Kid there when I was probably 14. 
  • The Winter Olympics just doesn't do it for me like the Summer games.
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman thought: Go watch or read In Cold Blood and then watch him in Capote.
  • As a prosecutor and defense lawyer, I've seen only one heroin case in Wise County in 20 years. You just don't see that stuff. 
  • Did I hear correctly that that the autopsy of the body of the son of accused killer Arnav Dhawan showed no signs of trauma? At this point it's not a matter of having a reasonable doubt about her guilt, but I don't think she killed him. 
  • Distance for Bridgeport's new UIL district mates:  Aubrey (49 miles), Celina (64 miles), Krum (35 miles), Anna (77 miles), Bonham (109 miles!)
  • Would someone please go after the fact that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall makes $29.5 million a year and that the NFL is a "non-profit" organization. That's insane. 
  • I was at a drivers license hearing yesterday, and I'll swear the first lawyer up thought she was Nancy Grace. Lighten' up girl. It's an administrative hearing, not a jury trial. (And the cop she was questioning was fantastic. Even he realized she was nuts.)
  • I wonder how many people who say "America is the greatest country in the world" have ever been outside of the country.
  • Clean up post: I was taken to task a couple of weeks ago for saying that Jennifer Lawrence would be a "star". Hey, I meant star as in Meryl Streep not Molly Ringwald. Think about it. 
  • Josh Brent's jury being made up of "five blacks, four whites and three Hispanics — 'factored that into the equation'" of the sentence of probation per Dallas D.A. Craig Watkins. I'll give him credit for admitting that.