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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • You don't see this very often: Texas man who shot a deputy executing a warrant at the man's house will not be formally charged.  There appears to be an issue as to whether he knew the officer was an officer. 
  • Olympic confusion: The Downhill. The Slalom. The Super G. The Giant Slalom. I have no idea what the difference is. 
  • Just as confusing are the past Olympic names of Lolo Jones and Hope Solo.
  • Bob Costas has a weird eye infection.
  • Snowboarder Silje Norendal is a "Hey, Now."
  • If I could golf, I'd golf Pebble Beach. If I were rich and couldn't golf, I'd golf Pebble Beach.
  • Baylor basketball thought that no one cares about: (1) Baylor's men's team is in a freefall because that's the laziest team in the history of ever, (2) Baylor's women team is pretty close to being as good as last years team because a tiny point guard has oddly taken the leadership role over from the departed Britney Griner.
  • Pete Delkus took the position last night that by a "dusting" he meant "less than an inch of snow." Come on. Admit you were wrong.  Just under an inch of real dust would be called dirt.
  • “'The average age of a skilled craftsman such as a carpenter is 49; welder. 55; plumber, 56; and stonemason, 69',” said Phil Crone, executive officer of the Dallas Builders Association. That's just a random sentence out of an article in the Dallas Morning News on the labor shortage in the housing industry. I find those "averages" hard to believe. 
  • New unemployment numbers were released this morning but I won't even mention the number to avoid the online beat down. 
  • I didn't care enough to check in on Jay Leno's last show.
  • Jacksboro became a media hub last night, but that allowed me to learn that its Faith Community Hospital had two patients.  (And does anyone ever show up to a shelter created by the Red Cross? I always see a gym with a ton of cots lined out but with no one in them.)
  • Not sure what is, but it named Decatur's Grayson Muehlstein as TCU's "Offensive MVP" in this week's signing class.  
  • Has there ever been a Wise County football player sign with a team with a larger profile than TCU?  Bridgeport's Kyle Clifton and Colin Jones as well as Decatur's Kevin Haney and James Maness all went there. I suppose Boyd's Billy Joe Tolliver and Bridgeport's Phillip Daugherty being signed by Texas Tech could rival TCU.  But didn't some Bridgeport QB make the team at Auburn in the last 1990s?