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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Super Bowl thoughts: (1) We haven't seen a dud like that in quite some time, (2) Bruno Marrs was pretty good -- although Mrs. LL oddly compares him to Michael Jackson, (3) The Kids in the House had never heard of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, (4) Did you know a little Bruno Marrs was in Vegas Vacation? (5) If inside the 30 and it's fourth and less than five, go for it. Remember: Do what Art Briles would do. (6) I promise we didn't put our hand over our hearts during the National Anthem when I was a kid. (7) Frank Calindo is beginning to whip me but this was pretty funny. (8) Beer and wine cost $12, (8) Terry Bradshaw missed the pre-game because of his father's death. (9) There's snow on the ground in the Meadowlands this morning. (10) How old was that lady riding the horse as the Broncos were introduced? (11) I might spend the rest of my life wearing the coat Joe Namath sported yesterday, (12) Namath was wronged during coin flip - the official is the one who screwed up. (13) I laughed out loud at the first play -- it was just so wheels off. (14) I'm pleased that Charles Haley was left out of the Hall of Fame because he, by all reports, is a bad human being. (15) Pete Carroll and Barry Switzer are the only coaches to have won a National Championship and a Super Bowl. I love Switzer. Edit: I'm officially losing it. Yep, Jimmy Johnson. (16) I'm one of the few people who believes James Harrison's 100 yard interception return in 2009 was MVP worthy. That was a 14 point play. (14) Dez Bryant was not happy with his seat at the Super Bowl. 
  • I watched about 3/4 of the Silver Linings Playbook. It went from great to boring in record time.
  • I had forgotten that the Wright Amendment, which prevents flights out of Love Field from flying direct to anywhere other than to adjacent states, expires this Fall. I bet Southwest jumps on it with some cheap fares to Vegas.
  • I loved Philip Seymour Hoffman. (Check out his bizarre role as a gasoline sniffing addict in Love Liza if you haven't.) I would guess that substance abusers aren't doing it for fun but instead do it o numb the pain. 
  • Chris Christie, I pray, may be in big trouble over the George Washington bridge shutdown since someone is about to come forward saying he was in on it. I realized this weekend that I actually drove a rent car across that bridge in the 1990s when I went Connecticut to a Jets game to see Kyle Clifton play.
  • Paradise model's birthday.
  • Bill O'Reilly interviewing the President was pretty entertaining. But O'Reilly said beforehand that it would be a "Alpha Male versus an Alpha Male." Hey, if you describe yourself as an "Alpha Male" then you ain't one. 
  • From the Star-Telegram's Cheers and Jeers: "Jeers: To U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman for walking out on President Obama’s State of the Union message. Whether you like the president or not, the office should be respected. What Stockman did is just very bad manners." Did that happen? If so, I missed it.
  • I once said I'd get out of stock market when it hit 14,500. Maybe I should listen to the voices in my head. Then again, that would be a lot to listen to. 
  • I've accomplished 11 half marathons and have the medals hanging on the garage wall. I'm not sure I could do another one. That scares me a little bit.
  • Friday Night Sadness: Dallas Carter is now 3A?
  • I spend too much time reflecting on Baylor's football season. Years of sorrow will do that to you.
  • The Family went to the game room and watched the Puppy Bowl without me. What's the saying? "Me haz sad"?
  • Jay Leno's show ends this week. Thank goodness. That was Television Anthrax. 
  • The banal Ben Ferguson took over for Mark Davis when Davis was fired by Cumulus (which owns WBAP.) Never listen to him. But he tried to use his "status" to upgrade on American Airlines on Friday.