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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • She kind of looks like a happy Kellie Rasberry.
  • There was an editorial in the SMU student newspaper yesterday urging girls not to get drunk in order to avoid potential sexual assault. Fox 4 interviewed the author who didn't want to show her face on camera. That is so bizarre to me. 
  • I've never understood the criticism of Jerry Jones over the firing of Tom Landry. He flew down to Austin and told him face to face. What more could he have done? 
  • There was a small earthquake near Azle last night, and the news spread like wildfire. There was also one in North Richland Hills late Friday afternoon that no one heard about because no reporters were working. (That's why companies and politicians always release bad news late on a Friday.)
  • Chris Christie won the governorship of New Jersey again last night. There is speculation of a presidential run but he has absolutely no chance of winning. But he has a greater chance of winning than Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann or Rich Santorum. 
  • I didn't get one comment yesterday about my statement that verbal abuse is a very close second to mental abuse. Apparently, once in awhile I'm right.
  • It's specifically spelled out in the Texas Penal Code that it is not illegal to flash your headlights to warn oncoming motorists of a cop in his future. Edit: For the person who foolishly questioned my expertise, See Texas Penal Code § 38.15(c).
  • Houston voters decided last night not to save the Astrodome. I have a vague memory of being there as a child but also being carried to the car because I was sick. I was sick a lot as a kid. I'm rarely sick as an adult.
  • There are a lot of tormented souls in this world. 
  • The temperature in Decatur dropped 20 degrees between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. last night. 
  • ESPN's Game Day had a live interview with Art Briles on Saturday where he disclosed he was in Marble Falls on a recruiting trip.  Quick research revealed that the only player worthy of recruiting in Marble Falls was a white boy receiver who had already committed to Texas. (At least I've heard he is white. I don't see color.)
  • By a 2-1 margin, Kaufman County voters rejected funding the "Hasse-McLelland Justice Center [which was] to be named after Mark Hasse, an assistant district attorney gunned down Jan. 31 near the courthouse, and District Attorney Mike McLelland who was shot in his home with his wife, Cynthia, on March 30."
  • I'm not sure about the details, but an 18 wheeler struck a bridge support in Big Spring on I-20 (possibly overnight). That's a crazy scene. Story. Facebook picture and picture.