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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • "UGH - it took half the newscast before someone told me my jacket wasn't buttoned!! Happy Monday!  :)" - Tweet from Fox 4's Heather Hayes (which would be so much better if there was a screenshot.)
  • Watched most of 2004 Tom Hanks' movie The Ladykillers last night. I greatly, greatly underrated comedy. 
  • I'm beyond anxious about the Baylor/Oklahoma game on Thursday, but I deal with it by expecting Baylor to lose. I'm a big fan of the concept of Low Expectations. That way I'm rarely disappointed.
  • There's a story today in the Star-Telegram about the restoration of a subway car that used to take passengers between a parking lot and what would eventually become the Tandy Center. When I was in high school, late one night, the kid conductor of an empty subway car had me drive alongside him because he wanted me to know how fast he could get it up to. I think the max speed was in the 30s.  
  • Tony Romo trying to scooch the ball up before a measurement on Sunday is funny.
  • Attorney Lisa Blue is always in the news (she's the widow of asbestos lawyer Fred Baron who paid the housing costs for John Edwards' paramour, and she was most recently embroiled in Dallas DA Craig Watkins contempt hearing). But I'll never get past the time I heard her speak to a bunch of criminal defense lawyers, mistakenly believed she was talking to prosecutors, and then referred to a hypothetical victim as the prosecutor's "client".   (For those of you that understand that, you'll appreciate it.)
  • I think I have a unique ability to spot a fraud. 
  • I can't say I'm informed about Prop 6 on today's ballot, but the Morning News, in a story about it,  ran a picture of a 1980s(?) boombox laying on the ever growing shores of Lake Bridgeport. 
  • Have they ever considered building a feeder lake for Lake Bridgeport? Wouldn't it be justified? 
  • I'd bet that the first stone being turned in the abolition of football will come from the Ivy League. I can absolutely see Yale or Harvard saying they will no longer participate in a sport that causes brain damage. 
  • Every time I see a sports reporter tweet or say he had a "nice chat with [insert athlete]" I'm convinced they are more interested in name-dropping than content. (Jean Jacques Taylor and Tim MacMahon are the worst.)
  • The bullying story regarding the Miami Dolphins which has caused one guy to quit the team and another to be suspended is both fascinating and infuriating. Mental abuse isn't far behind physical abuse. 
  • The sleep inducing Peter King used the word "pussification" on The Ticket this morning. 
  • And if you're not familiar with the Dolphins' bullying story, Richie Incognito bullied teammate Jonathan Martin into a mental breakdown. If that's all you know, that will still make this page out of the Dolphins game program shocking.