The Campaign For DA


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I loved jogging this weekend as the trees have now begun to change colors. I even listened to music. And I even considered just shutting out all the noise for the rest of my life. 
  • I found a pretty leaf.
  • I got angry with a clerk this weekend which is something I never do. And then I spent the next five minutes apologizing to him for my outburst. 
  • I watched some of Presumed Innocent last night. As someone who thinks he knows a great deal about criminal law, that movie confuses me at points. 
  • Re the Adrian Peterson touchdown run yesterday: An offensive player can't pick up and carry a guy into the endzone, right? 
  • Early poll numbers show Greg Abbott a five point favorite over Wendy Davis. Make no mistake, he will win.  But that number is shockingly close for Red State Texas. And once Texas becomes Blue, the Democrats will control New York, California, and Texas. You will win every election if you control those three states.
  • How in the world did West Virginia beat Oklahoma State earlier in the year?
  • From the Update: "He ran several people off the road, Nodine said, and when he reached Rhome, he headed east toward Texas Motor Speedway in Denton County." Is it "toward" or "towards"?
  • When close friends give you a warning, you probably should listen.
  • I had 60 Minutes recorded from last week because it had a huge Benghazi segment. When I hit "play" this weekend, all I got was the fourth quarter of some some spare NFL game. 
  • They are hard to find, but I watch a couple of people on Facebook who just go scorched earth about their life and relationships. Big time entertainment.