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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Jon Stewart really went after the Obamacare website a couple of nights ago. And it was very funny. It made me think of those who won't watch him because he's so "liberal." I've never understood how some people take themselves so seriously. 
  • Moneypit update: It was a minor thing, but I had to go up in the attic a couple of nights ago. When I pulled on the cord to have the door drop down it snapped and came off into my hand. Mrs. LL saw it happen so I stood their dramatically with the cord dangling from my fingers. 
  • Troy Aikman and Daryl Johnston both declined to join the concussion lawsuit against the NFL. Both probably opted out because they enjoy their job as Fox analysts. Had they sued that probably wouldn't have lasted too long once the NFL mafia put pressure on Fox. 
  • Wise County TxDOT District Engineer Bill Nelson is retiring. There was a time on here that he was regularly dogged in the comments, but that stopped once most of the road death traps have been eliminated. 
  • If you're a college football fan, the sometimes there sometimes not weekly show on ESPNU called Crunch Time is fantastic.  It will take the best finishes of five close games and then replay the last 10 minutes of real time of each of them. 
  • I watched A Football Life about Pat Summerall. That was a pretty strained relationship he had with his family. (And the show glossed over the fact that Fox basically fired him.) 
  • Dennis Miller, like Hannity and Limbaugh, has to be doing a bit right? (And I loved this scathing review of his recent performance in Allen. "When Miller started in on illegal immigrants and how 'Pancho' is taking over, I was done.")
  • I've said that I don't really mind Bill O'Reilly but his new line of "killing" books makes me suspicious. I mean, Killing Lincoln (2011) sounds like Manhunt: The 12 Day Chase For Lincoln's Killer (2006) and Killing Jesus (2013) sounds almost identical to The Day Christ Died (1957).
  • Modern Family still makes me laugh.
  • What if your obituary began, "He tried to provide affordable health care to even the poorest of Americans"? Would you be proud of that? 
  • I know of at least two Wise County people who have received a call from a fake DEA agent "investigating" online drug purchases and seeking a quick resolution by a fine. This scheme works because there are apparently a lot of people who have bought medication online. Note: Don't worry. Medication issued by a doctor online is still medication issued with a prescription. 
  • I was listening the It's Just Banter podcast while jogging yesterday and they replayed the Ali G - Newt Gingrich "interview."  That made me think: (1) How could that have possibly happened, and (2) Every short Ali G bit has made me laugh out loud. 
  • Didn't watch a second of the World Series last night. Probably won't watch any of it.