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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not sure why Wise County on the Web is down this morning. But that's par for the weekend that I had.
  • "The Dallas Morning News has part two of its eight-part series on Lauren Kavanaugh, a young woman who was locked in a closet and physically abused by her parents until the age of 8." Tragic story but eight parts?
  • Mrs. LL was watching a movie this weekend that I found to be very, very funny. I mean, how-is-this-not-a-cult-classic funny.  Sam McMurray (Glen from Raising Arizona was in it) but I can't find the name of it for the life of me. 
  • After every college semester, I would pack up all my notes from all my classes and then write a summary of the experience, what I was concerned about, and where I expected to be in the future. I've never read a single one of those summaries but I know exactly where they are stored.
  • Can we please get rid of, "I'm just sayin'"?
  • Someone driving a Clay County ambulance almost hit me by straying into my lane twice this morning on 287. 
  • I agree, the Obamacare's failed web site is shocking.  If they wanted to hand ammunition to his opponents he did so in with gift wrap bow. 
  • Facebook page of the guy from Boyd who was arrested in the 45 year old cold case. Seems like a pretty normal life. 
  • Who would have thought: Baylor and Texas Tech broke into the Top Ten this weekend.
  • I finally watched the 30 for 30 No Mas about Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran. The first 75% was fantastic. The last 25% was incredibly hokey as the director had both men reunite in a boxing ring in Panama. 
  • I don't know if @bridgeportbulls is the school's official twitter feed, but it's surprising, in a couple of ways, to use the hashtag of #wda and taunt Decatur
  • Rick Perry is in Israel. I presume we are paying for it. 
  • How many videos of the Kennedy assassination would exist if it had happened today instead of 1963?
  • Polish hot chick group with the worst fake instrumental performance ever.