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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It looks like we've got a heck on ice storm coming on Thursday night and Friday morning. But why is it ice instead of snow? From the NWS: "Winter Storm Watch remains in effect from Thursday afternoon through Friday afternoon... timing... rain is expected to transition to freezing rain and sleet Thursday afternoon and continue through Friday."
  • I saw that some Texas high school football games have been moved to Thursday. Smart move ( think). Thursday night is going to be a mess, but Friday night is going to be brutal.
  • Wendy Davis made $284,183 last year. Greg Abbott will receive over a half million dollars this year (with more to come) for his settlement for having a tree fall on him in 1984. 
  • I don't know anything about baseball, but Twitter blew up last night when the Yankees signed former Red Sox player Jacoby Ellsbury to a seven year deal at $21.85 million a years. (As in all baseball contracts, it's all guaranteed.)  The 30 year old injury prone player has played in only 384 of 648 possible games in the last four years. 
  • Richie Whitt's blog, DFWSportatorium, went to a Random Morning Thoughts format about a month ago. Now he has announced he'll charge $4.95 a month for access. Love the guy's work, but that's going to be a failed bit. He takes more of a beating than I do in his comments section, so it will be interesting to follow them today in the above link. 
  • TCU's Gary Patterson, who has taken a beating over the last couple of days due to his bizarre attack on Art Briles as being "classless", has hired Houston's offense coordinator. Yep, he's abandoning the traditional offense for an air raid offense. 
  • I'm guessing any talk radio caller who smugly says, "We live in a Republic, not a Democracy" has just uttered the most he knows about political science. 
  • More movie material: There's a manhunt underway in Dallas County for an escaped mental patient from the Terrell State Hospital who has a long criminal history. 
  • Alice Walton, the Walmart heir, had her 2011 DWI arrest expunged after the case was not filed. (Recall it wasn't filed within the required two years because the County Attorney said the arresting officer wasn't available due to a suspension before the deadline -- a flimsy excuse since he need not be available in order for the case to be filed.) Anyway, why file for an expunction? In that high profile case, does she think now that no one will ever find about the arrest again? And why even worry about it? She looking for a job or something? 
  • [Here was a Baylor women's basketball note that I deleted because, upon reflection, even I thought it was boring.]
  • According to the Update, there was one Wise County resident involved in that monster crash last weekend on the Montague/Wise County line. Here's her Pinterest page
  • Also from the Update, due to the weather, Santa will not appear in Rhome on Saturday. He will be able to make it to Newark, however. I demand an investigation.