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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Exclusive News Flash: It's cold!!!
  • High school playoff football games are in a bad way. If icy rain starts falling this afternoon you can't play tonight -- you simply can't have those buses on the roads -- and tomorrow sounds out of the question. With another round of bad weather coming in Saturday, we've got scheduling chaos. Chaos, I tell you!
  • I'd cancel that Children’s Medical Center Holiday Parade in Dallas on Saturday.
  • In a press release, DPS said, " "In preparation for this winter storm, the governor has activated the Texas Military Forces".  Didn't even know Texas had an army. 
  • It drives me nuts when any government agency or media outlets provides "tips" for handling the newest Arctic Blast. I can sum all of them up: "Don't be an idiot."
  • The DA in Tallahassee will hold a press conference today to announce whether charges will be filed against Florida State quarterback and Heisman favorite Jameis Winston. Can you say media ho? I've never heard of a DA holding a press conference to say charges will be filed. Instead, you simply arrest the guy. There is a 99% chance the announcement will be that charges will not be filed -- an announcement that could have been handled through a press release. 
  • If I can get to the Baylor game, I will. Mrs. LL has proclaimed she'll go to. It would be a heck of a beating and a heck of a memory. 
  • 81 comments blasting Richie Whitt for charging $5 a month to have access to his blog. 
  • CNN is airing a documentary tonight on the wrongfully imprisoned Michael Morton. 
  • Bob Sturm of The Ticket is in Guatemala this week for an annual pilgrimage where he and a group of men go to visit and bring supplies to orphanages. Makes me feel fairly worthless. But always inspiring. 
  • With all the fantastic GPS systems built into smart phones now, that Garmin GPS company has to be in trouble, right? 
  • I don't have a strong opinion on global warming, but I always shake my head at those who think four days of extremely cold weather conclusively proves it doesn't exist. (And you didn't hear much from those knuckleheads during that unbearable summer heat a couple of years back.) 
  • So far the Elf on the Shelf has been fishing in the sink (with those gold fish food thingys), swung from a suspended trapeze, flown a suspended paper airplane, and gotten into the candy bowl (complete with empty wrappers around and chocolate on its mouth.)
  • Saw a report the other day that Twitter was for kids and Facebook is now for adults. Could not disagree more. 
  • I'd never get upset over a public school having only a "Winter Party" instead of a "Christmas Party". I would be upset if I was Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu and my kid was required to attend a government sponsored "Christmas Party". 
  • Read the Update item entitled: "SUSPECT LEADS INVESTIGATORS TO BODY". Uh, an "anvil"?