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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • That UIL reclassification was crazy yesterday because every school automatically moved up one classification simply because of renaming (i.e. all 3A schools became 4A schools) but the cut off student population numbers also changed. So if a school would normally move up one classification because of growth, they have now moved up two classifications (i.e. Highland Park is going from 4A to 6A). Got that?
  • I got my outdoor Christmas lights fixed and it wasn't the lights: It was the tripping of the breaker. Here's one of the dumbest things I've ever done: I initially tested the outside outlet and found it to be working which led me to believe the lights were the issue. But here's what I did: I tested the outlet by grabbing the first electrical product I could find which happened to be a plugged in Dustbuster in the foyer. I plugged it into the outside outlet and it fired up right away. See the problem in my diagnosis technique? Thank goodness I figured out the blunder before anyone else did. 
  • I've been a big fan of the Twitter account of @HistoryInPics and was stunned yesterday when it posted a photo of JFK and Marilyn Monroe snuggling through a creaked door which I had never seen. BagofNothing guy has alerted us that it is obviously fake. Now I don't have any faith in @HistoryInPics.
  • I was skeptical of the Amazon drone story and someone commented yesterday that it was nothing more than a publicity trick. If it was, it was a great one. I saw that story a million times yesterday on TV and the Internet. 
  • That being said, I wrote on this blog almost two years ago that I wanted to invest in a drone company if one was publicly traded. 
  • The phrase, "If you don't like Texas weather just wait a minute" drives me as crazy as, "Jerry Jones the owner should fire Jerry Jones the general manager."
  • I've got tickets to the Baylor/Texas game -- the last game ever in Baylor's stadium. But the temperature will be in 30s, which I can handle, but I'm not sure the roads will be clear enough to get there for a 2:30 start.
  • This could be a movie: A bunch of former SMU frat boys, now in their 30s, have been sent to federal prison for a massive hydroponic marijuana operation that involved 11 houses in Dallas. It sounds like the houses were devoid of furniture and completely dedicated to marijuana growing. But it's still just weed. 
  • I moved a bird-feeder yesterday to make room for Christmas lights. Little did I know that there was water underneath its leaf covered surface. Picking up the top of it and tilting it towards my waist was not pleasant. 
  • Someone mentioned yesterday that the Boise State/Oklahoma bowl game might be the greatest game in history instead of Saturday's Auburn/Alabama. That's not a bad argument. 
  • The Update reports that an Oklahoma man was arrested in Boyd last night on murder charges. Here's background on that case.