Random Play From Last Night's Ranger Game

A lot happens there.

The pitcher overthrows Kinsler at second but Elvis Andrus snags the ball in the backup position.

The runner, for some odd reason, just walks off the base and gets tagged.

My first impression was that the runner thought Kinsler caught the ball and he was forced out. He looks at the umpire before walking off the base (but the ump certainly didn't signal him out -- but the runner didn't see him signal safe either.)

The runner, Max Stassu had this explanation: "I slid in and lost track of the ball. I thought [Andrus] was on second, and the ball went past him. That's totally on me, and it's something that'll never happen again in my career. It just so happened on my debut."

Yep, it was his first game.

Edit Got Kinsler and Andrus reversed there. That the way blog writin' go.