Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Loved (in a "you got to be kidding me" sort of way) Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst's call to Allen PD to try and get his step-sister's son's wife out of jail after being arrested for shoplifting. He was fishing for a Personal Recognizance Bond but wouldn't come out and say it. But, man, that guy can ramble on. And he showed his true colors when he dropped the head of DPS's name and asked for the county judge's cell phone number. 
  • Oh, and during the call he referred to himself as the "No. 1 pick of all the law enforcement agencies within Texas." Now that's funny. I think I missed that contest. 
  • Mark Davis said this morning that "anyone in Dewhurst's position" would have made that call. I think that comment is insane. And Davis said he has dropped his station's "Call Letters" in the past to try and get something done. What does that mean? He's threatening to call someone out on his radio show if he doesn't get what he wants? 
  • And Dewhurst's crazy Republican opponent, Dan Patrick, immediately fired off a press release saying, "The fact that David Dewhurst believes he and his family are above the law is the height of arrogance and recklessness." Republicans are at their best when they attack each other. Edit: The "and recklessness" has now been properly placed.
  • Baylor Bust: Offensive lineman Jason Smith was cut yesterday. He was the second overall pick in the 2009 draft and signed a contract with $33 million guaranteed. (I could have sworn he was on Hard Knocks during the initial holdout, but now I'm not sure.) 
  • Three separate shootings in Fort Worth last night left three dead
  • The Sophomore In The House dropped her phone yesterday and shattered the screen. And I do mean shattered.  She was so heartbroken that I think she's entered the Five Stages of Grief.  And considering we'll probably have to get her another one, I'll be right there with her -- lingering in stage four. 
  • Wouldn't it probably be a good idea for Kenneth Copeland just to cancel church for a couple of weeks because of the measles outbreak?
  • I had a bad habit of insisting Mrs. LL watch something on TV just because I thought it was interesting. And I'd become a little frustrated if she didn't appreciate that as much as I did. I completely abandoned the "Hey, you have to watch this with me" mindset about two months ago. It's better. (Although I did catch myself asking the Fourth Grader In The House the other day, "Hey, you want to see a pitcher get thrown out of a game for throwing three wild pitches?")
  • Someone called me out the other day when I said Duck Dynasty was basically scripted saying, "It's not scripted! Don't you realize it's a reality show!!"  Really, dude?
  • We had to get our home router replaced the other day which meant getting a new Key Number.  I was beyond stunned to learn the number of devices we had hooked up to wifi. You would be, too. 
  • I found a home grown tomato stand. No way I'm telling you where it is. 
  • The Nidal Hasan case goes to the military jury today. No way the jury doesn't get back there and say, "Let's wait at least an hour so they will think we at least deliberated."