Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Slumped Shoulder moment of the weekend: When I proclaimed that Lost was "horrible", the Sophomore in The House retorted with, "But you think Paul Blart: Mall Cop was bad, too!!!!"  
  • Celebrated my parents 60th wedding anniversary this weekend at III Forks in Dallas. 60th! Side note: Are there people who just casually decide to go to a restaurant like that outside of a special occasion? I'm sure that's true. I'm just not one of those persons. 
  • I got accused this weekend of anonymously commenting. I'll admit to doing that maybe three times in the last seven years. And that was for humor. 
  • Former Texas Ranger Chad Curtis was convicted of sexual assault of a teenager on Friday. A faithful reader emailed me to point out that he will begin to collect his $100,000 a year Major League Baseball pension in three years.
  • A popular blogger commits suicide but then has a post automatically go up that gives the GPS coordinates for a stash of gold and silver coins he had buried. (Which people believe to be a hoax.)
  • The Update's lead item says someone "was arrested on suspicion" of a crime. Let me say this for the millionth time: No one can be legally arrested based solely on a suspicion. (Although, unfortunately, that does happen all the time.)
  • Sports: (1) I tried to ignore it, but I think RG3 hates head coach Mike Shanahan, (2) I actually watched some of the English Premiere League this weekend and a save on a penalty kick at point blank range by the Liverpool goalkeeper made me think I shouldn't have ignored this sport, (3) NBC is smart to jump on the soccer bandwagon because football won't exist in fifty years, (4) What a strange moment it was when the fantastic pitcher Stephen Strasburg was thrown out of a game because of three wild pitches in a row -- the umpire thought he was going to kill someone and Strasburg didn't argue, (5) I've been promoting Phil Steele for years and this is why -- the AP college football poll came out this weekend and he predicted all 25 teams that would be in it, without error, back in April. 
  • I've got two little relatives of Mrs. LL staying in the house this week. That makes a house of five girls and me. 
  • Friday motorcycle death.
  • I don't know what it's about, but that Crazy Texas Mommy blogger is some kind of contest. Give her some love. 
  • I've only heard of one individual refer to being a "veteran of the Cold War." 
  • Someone keeps commenting how the BagOfNothing guy always brings his "A Game" unlike me. Sir, you're right. I'm very disturbed. Since both blogs appear on the Internet at the same time there is no possible way that people can read both of them. You are obviously aware of this. But I would appreciate you not promoting his blog because it could kill my ad revenue. If I had any.
  • Flipping across the TV this weekend I had two movie thoughts: Vegas Vacation stands up over time, and no one has been as mis-casted miscast as Dustin Hoffman in Outbreak.