Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The "speaks volumes" commenter on here has to be in elementary school, right?
  • How the NFL gets away with charging for preseason games is one of life's great mysteries. How the TV ratings for those things are high is another one. 
  • Snake Eyes, a fairly old movie with Nicholas Cage, is equally great and horrible. (I stumbled upon it on cable this weekend and couldn't get away from it.)
  • "The Justice Department plans to change how it prosecutes some non-violent drug offenders, so they would no longer face mandatory minimum prison sentences." Say what you will about AG Eric Holder, he is progressive.
  • Mrs. LL put up hooks in the garage for three bicycles and it ended up looking like some crazy project for a modern art museam. Then I came home and found she had completely redone it
  • After four episodes into The Bridge, I'm about to abandon it. Concept good. Writing bad.
  • The beginning of the "Say Me Name" episode of Breaking Bad makes every guy want to be Walter White. 
  • It wouldn't surprise me if Breaking Bad ends with something shocking, then a pause, and then the playing of the Ozymandias poem.
  • I didn't watch a second of it, but I did see an interview of Kyle Busch who won the NASCAR race this weekend. I wish I had the clip because it was soooooo Ricky Bobby. He thanked six sponsors in fifteen seconds. 
  • The Ticket's George DiGianni has a commercial for a "30 day fat loss accelerator". That makes me think he's a fraud. (He also drops the names of Mark Cuban, Michael Dell and Dennis Rodman in the ad, and I bet he didn't pay for the permission to do so.)
  • I'm hearing more about Brian Cuban's book that I mentioned on Friday. That drives me insane. You can make money by writing  a book about being undisciplined simply because your last name is Cuban?
  •  A 21 year old Bridgeport man was killed in a single vehicle accident over the weekend. A quick search of the Sheriff's office records reveals he had two DUI arrests and one DWI arrest.