Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • All Texas high school championship games will be at Cowboys Stadium this year including, for the first time, the six man championship. I might go watch that one. I've never seen a six man game.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood has called for "A Day of Rage" in Egypt.
  • The 44th Anniversary of Woodstock was yesterday. On the 10th Anniversary (which I heard about on the radio and thought "wow, that is ancient history") I was at the "front pool" at Runaway Bay getting a massive sunburn, and I bet it was a Friday since that was my day off. (How I remember that, I have no idea.) 
  • Courtney Stodden went to the beach.
  • "Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio plans to have his deputies put up white wooden crosses near the sites where authorities find bodies of immigrants who are dying in the desert."  I'm guessing he sees no problem with government erecting crosses. 
  • I think Bill O'Reilly is tolerable. 
  • Corby Davidson on The Ticket yesterday told of a girl who came to his door and said her dad was in prison and mom had run off causing her to live with relatives. She then told a further convincing story that they didn't have any money but needed school supplies. Corby's wife gave the girl $20. A day or so later there was a thank you note left at their house but asking for her to purchase some additional items including back packs for her and her little brother.  I smell scam. 
  • When cops illegally detain someone, many courts will give them by out by saying "Oh, no. It was just a consensual encounter" -- you know, just the cops walking up and and talking to someone. At least one new study says there's nothing consensual when cops approach you. 
  • For some reason Mrs. LL is re-watching a lot of the episodes of Lost. This despite her responding, "Yes!!!!" to my question of, "You think the writers made all that stuff up on the fly?"
  • Mark Cuban had a crazy quote about expectations yesterday in the Mavs pre-season press conference. I was very Jerry Jones like, but I can't find it to save the life of me. 
  • Red Sox fan Ben Affleck's birthday was yesterday. The Red Sox are now 0-14 on Ben Affleck's birthday since the release of Good Will Hunting in 1998.