Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Troopers in Wise County seem to be out in full force lately. 
  • As far away Frisco is from Cowboys Stadium, the town is also connected by the George Bush Tollway to I-30. You can't get across the metroplex faster than that route.  
  • Heather Hays on Fox last night got this close to repeating the George W. Bush misquote of "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me . . . you can't get fooled again." But she caught herself. 
  • Greg Abbott will normally hold a press conference to announce when he's going to the bathroom. So why was he absolutely silent about teaming up with Eric Holder to stop the AA/US Airways merger? Although there was a quote-less press release on his state website, there was none of his typical rhetoric of "fighting for Texas families and Texas values." 
  • Former RAGE producer at The Fan, Armen Williams, is leaving the station to take a management position at a station in Albany, New York. I mention it only because he recently bought a new house, his wife recently had a baby, and neither one of them have ever lived out of the State of Texas. That's a heck of a change.
  • According to the Update, a kid was playing with a lighter and aerosol can at 1:30 this morning in Newark when, surprise, things went horribly wrong. 
  • I watched the short ESPN documentary on Mary Decker and Zola Budd last night. Man, it was great. I had a memory of considering Decker to be a bad sport, but apparently most of the nation thought the same thing. I understand her a bit better now. 
  • I hope Manziel stays around long enough for the Alabama game next month. 
  • Last year's Aggie/Alabama game was being replayed last night on one of the ESPN channels. I had forgotten that 'Bama had the ball first and goal with two minutes to go. Everyone in Alabama's stadium looked like they thought they'd score and everyone on the Aggie sideline looked like they agreed with them. 
  • Kellie Rasberry tweet last night: "One more beg for you to watch us on #DishNation tonight. Ain't too proud to beg, y'all. I ain't gotta twerk but I still gotta work. #word".  There's something odd about her in this post Kidd Kraddick era. (And who signs off with "word"?)
  • I had NBC Nightly News on the other day and the Fifth Grader in The House asked me, "Where's that guy who is normally on there?" (Lester Holt was substituting for Brian Williams.) Attagirl. 
  • Mark Cuban's lawyers file a pleading in an SEC case which for some reason includes an attachment of Dirk's "brother" making an allegation that Cuban came on to him. What? Huh? Whose side are they on? Even if not true (it's not), that attachment was completely unnecessary. And now it gets a headline on the Dallas Observer blog with the title "Mark Cuban Wants to Make Sure No Jurors Heard About His Alleged Come-On to Dirk's Brother."
  • Not sure about all the corruption cases in the Valley but it's a big deal when the feds are hit with a "not guilty." But his lawyer had an odd and funny quote: "I was worried."