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Wednesday Random Morning Thoughts

  • MTV is filming a reality TV show about the Redneck Heaven restaurant. It's at Beach and 820 in north Fort Worth. Never been there, but it looks shocking. 
  • It's interesting that only six people were arrested for DWI in Wise County over the long 4th of July holidays. Some speculated that it was because of the publicity of Vampire Weekend, and I won't rule that out. But I heard a pretty good alternative theory yesterday: No one came and went from Lake Bridgeport because it is so low.
  • CVS in Decatur was broken into over the weekend with only cigarettes being taken. For years, a carton of cigarettes has been used as currency in the black market.
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck will leave 'The View' for 'Fox and Friends'. Who would have thought that Fox would have hired an attractive, young, blond, and shallow female?
  • The teenage driver of a red pickup involved in a horrific wreck on Burleson-Retta Road last month had a blood-alcohol content of 0.24, three times the legal limit.  I wonder if that is hospital blood or blood taken by law enforcement? One is a heck of a lot easier to prove than the other.
  • Gordon Keith this morning: "Don't ever marry crazy. It never gets better." (They were talking about the Anna Benson story.)
  • Someone told me yesterday that I needed to look at Rick Perry's calendar before I called his job easy. Puhhhleeeze. Any event he attends, he attends because he wants to. Give me a plane and an expense account and my schedule would be packed, too.
  • Random high school football thought: Beginning in 2013, four teams from each Class 3A and Class 2A district will make the playoffs. I bet we'll see a 2-8 team make it. 
  • When the new Dallas Star tweeted this weekend that  “Only steers and queers in Texas, and I’m not a cow”, I thought of the original quote from the drill instructor from An Officer and A Gentleman instead of Full Metal Jacket.  (But not only did he mangle the quote, what the heck was he trying to say?)
  • Misleading headline I'm seeing everywhere: "Police: Man arrested in Odin Lloyd's death ID'd [Former New England Patriot] Aaron Hernandez as shooter." Not quite. That man said that another man told him Hernandez pulled the trigger. Big difference.