Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Kids In The House and I played basketball on a school hoop, but I required that we string up a net before doing so. It was hard to explain how playing without a net is no fun at all. They didn't understand. 
  • Eleven bears have found a new home in the animal sanctuary in Boyd. That's becoming quite the place over there.
  • The Muslims and the Buddhists are warring. I saw several tweets this weekend that said, "If you read one thing today read this" with a link to a long and horrifying article of the slaughter of 36 Muslims, mostly teenagers, in Myanmar last March. After that, I noticed a news flash about explosions last weekend in Buddhist temples by Muslims in India.  
  • A fruit/vegetable stand on the side of the road is one of life's great joys, but I have no idea where one is. 
  • Rick Perry, in his announcement that he won't run again for governor, said  that he'll miss it "because it is the greatest job in modern politics.”  Yeah, you get paid a ton to live in a mansion to do nothing other than sign or veto bills for a couple of weeks every two years. What's not to like?
  • I think Perry would have a better chance of beating John Cornyn for U.S. Senate than winning the Republican presidential nomination (which he has absolutely no chance of.) 
  • Rev. Robert Jeffress did in fact appear at the pro-life rally in Austin yesterday and said this: "Anyone who opposes this bill, whether he or she realizes it, is a tool of Satan being used by Satan to accomplish Satan's purpose of death." Wow. 
  • Interesting: DWI roadblocks are illegal in Texas (at least until the legislature approves them with guidelines) but Saginaw police set up roadblocks yesterday stopping everyone coming in and out of the area in the search for information about the murder of the little girl from last week. Is that legal? Oddly, yes
  • The Rangers played Baltimore and official Liberally Lean MLB player Chris Davis last night. Davis struck out four times. I hope the Ghost of Texas Past doesn't cause him to spiral out of control now.
  • Worth watching from last night if you have any interest in baseball rules: Nick Swisher hits a slow roller foul down the third base line and turns away. The catcher follows the slow moving ball and lets it roll back in to fair play, scoops it up, and rushes over and tags Swisher out. Good stuff