Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Twinkies are about  to be back on store shelves in packaging that reads, and I'm not making this up, "The Sweetest Comeback In The History Of Ever."
  • I've been preaching it for years: Mark Cuban has no idea what he is doing and that is being proven over the last two years of "We're keeping our powder dry" and "Have you read the CBA?"  
  • And when I said that free agents didn't want to come to Dallas because of racism, I was referring to the city - not the team. 
  • The lead item in the Update refers to Park Springs. Am I alone in thinking, "Where's that in Wise County?"
  • As of June 28, law school applications for the upcoming fall term were down 18 percent nationwide from a year earlier. In Texas, applications are down 12 percent. People are finally coming to their senses.
  • Man, there is a huge buzz about the new FX series called The Bridge. So much so that I recorded the pilot last night. 
  • The SB Nation blog celebrates the greatest high school football game in the history, yes, of ever.
  • You have to agree if you've heard it: The radio commercial about having the proper child safety seat ("Oh, yeah, I knew that) is extremely irritating. 
  • I have no idea why I labeled it "Wednesday Random Morning Thoughts" instead of "Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts" yesterday. That's kind of disturbing.
  • Do you remember when I told you about the guy who walked up to me in a side room at the courthouse and began crying uncontrollably because of a criminal case he had pending? I talked to him to calm him down even though he said he had a lawyer. The details: He was on probation for Resisting Arrest when he committed a new offense of Assault in Tarrant County to which he pled guilty. The State in Wise County wanted to revoke his probation for that violation and were offering a plea bargain of 90 days in jail even though he was subject to a year if he had a hearing. I told him to consult with his lawyer, but, in my opinion, I would take the 90 days instead of having a hearing and face an uncertain sentence. So what happened after that? He ended up representing himself, turned down the 90 day plea bargain offer, and yesterday was sentenced to one year in jail. 
  • Cutting your loses is sometimes very hard to do. 
  • If Zimmerman is convicted you will feel the pain of many a defense attorney over the years when receiving a "guilty" verdict when there is clearly a reasonable doubt.
  • And that State-oriented judge was completely out of line yesterday asking Zimmerman directly, even out of the presence of the jury, if he was going to testify. There were still a couple of witnesses to go so that decision didn't have to be made yet. I've had judges ask me at that point, "Just for scheduling purposes, do you think your client will  testify?" But to talk directly to Zimmerman over the objection of his lawyers really showed her true colors.