Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • First Baptist Church of Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress was all over the news last night bad mouthing the Supreme Court decision on DOMA.  How the deacons of that church let him do that is one of God's greatest mysteries. He is doing incalculable damage to that church.
  • And he acts like a wannabe lawyer as he constantly fires off hot opinions about past cases. But he did say this, "The Supreme Court doesn't set trends. It follows trends."  Yeah, right. They were so far behind the curve on segregation. 
  • Mrs. LL and I ate at the convenience-store-restaurant called Chef Pointe Cafe in Watauga last night. I had heard about it for years but had never been there. Observations: (1) It was probably a convenience store at one point but now they are just doing a bit. There's a wall of refrigerated soft drinks and gas pumps but, other than that, it is 99% a restaurant. (2) The food? Beyond fantastic
  • Was this on the news? A water main broke in Fort Worth and fired water directly onto a house and ripped off the shingles. Pic
  • The girlfriend of Travon Martin testified yesterday. (She's pictured in a post below.) When the defense lawyer told the judge yesterday that he had two more hours left of cross-examination she yelled out, "Say what!!!!"
  • New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested for murder yesterday. Then TMZ released a "selfie" photo of him holding a glock. That may not raise an eyebrow in Texas, but the gun fearing Northeast will freak out about that. 
  • I'm almost through the new Netflix season of Arrested Development. I don't know of any show which causes me of having so many moments of smiling broadly and thinking, "I got that joke! I got that joke!"
  • And, as a commentor mentioned, I did see last week's 60 Minutes which had a piece on the falsely convicted Michael Morton. Former prosecutor Ken Anderson needs to be in jail.  There is nothing more dangerous than a prosecutor that pursues cases based upon speculation and conjecture. 
  • Nit-picky: I watched a panel discussion of "experts" on Fox News about the George Zimmerman trial and they all referred to "opening arguments." It's not opening "arguments", it's opening "statements". It's "closing arguments" (at the end of the trial) when the term is used.  
  • Maybe my best prediction ever was the one from two days ago when I wrote that Wendy Davis will "become a star today." (By the way, she now has more Twitter followers than Ted Cruz.) 
  • But with the Voting Rights Act temporarily dismantled, the Republicans will gerrymander her district to get rid of her (if they haven't already.)
  • I love this: Photos of interns grabbing newly released Supreme Court opinions and sprinting to their bosses. (Credit: BagOfNothing.com)
  • Texas executed it's 500th person last night since the Supreme Court re-instated the death penalty in the 1970s. What's the saying? Oh, yeah. "Every life is precious."
  • The Update leads off with weather saying that Wise County might hit 100 degrees today. Do we have an "official" temperature gauge somewhere? Who runs it?