Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm getting closer to getting wisecounty.com up and running again. It seems like something happened which almost crashed the server at the web hosting company so they disabled the account. I'm guessing it was a spam attack on the Free Classifieds which I'll probably have to take down (once I can get access to it.)
  • A reporter drops a double F bomb and gets a great reaction from the anchor. (But the real error was with the editor since it was a taped segment and not a live spot.)
  • Mrs. LL took a bunch of kids to Six Flags yesterday. I'm not sure how it went because she crawled into bed at 10:30 shortly after arriving home holding her elbow because one of the kids slammed the car door on it. She was then asleep within a couple of minutes. 
  • Ted Cruz will speak at the First Baptist Church of Dallas on Sunday morning.  That place has turned into the Southern Baptist version of Fox News.
  • State Rep. Wendy Davis becomes famous today as she will filibuster the abortion bill pending in the Texas Senate.
  • The George Zimmerman trial is going to be great. It's shaping up as a battle of drama queen lawyers.
  • Michael Jackson died four years ago today. Doesn't seem that long.
  • The Star-Telegram had an editorial on Sunday calling for the abolition of the death penalty in Texas. I loved this quote they used from Anton Chekhov: “The State is not God. It has no right to take away that which it cannot give back, if it should so desire.”
  • But I'll admit when ever I see the name "Chekhov", the first thing I think about is Star Trek.
  • I'm still so thankful that I hiked in the Palo Duro Canyon a couple of years ago. I was reminded of it when I saw a headline this morning that a man fell to his death there yesterday afternoon. 
  • Greg Williams responded to Richie Whitt's five part series yesterday via his podcast. He's angry and hurt but, surprisingly, he sounded more hurt than angry.  
  • Paula Deen loses her job at the Food Network and a ton of sponsors after admitting to using the N Word in the past.  That's probably an overreaction by corporate America. But she's 66 years old and a millionaire. She'll be OK.
  • Last night I was flipping through the channels and ran across the "Outdoor Channel."  Within two minutes I saw hunters shoot elephants in the wild at point blank range.  I literally yelled at the TV. So senseless. 
  • "LUBBOCK, Texas - A 14-year-old West Texas boy is dead after he ran into a bull statue on the Texas Tech University campus and impaled himself on one of its horns." OK, that's insane. (The link has a videoing showing the statue.)
  • "Tempted By The Fruit Of Another" was the return music yesterday at noon when BADD radio normally appears. (Although they agreed to stay with The Ticket and not leave for the The Fan, the hosts were off yesterday.)  
  • As of today, Lake Bridgeport's water level is -18.21 feet.  That's beyond bad. Someone always writes that it was much lower back in the 1960s or 1970s, but they permanently raise the lake level sometime in the late 1970s didn't they? When full, it's supposed to be 838 feet or so above sea level now. I think that number used to be lower.