Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I got a message from the wisecounty.com's internet host that my account had been "disabled". And I can't pull the site up. Not sure what is going on.
  • There was an insane night at the Texas Legislature last night as the restrictive abortion legislation was being debated. Tons of protesters and a legislator placing a coat hanger on her mic as she spoke.
  • Horrible, horrible case out of Jacksonville, Florida over the weekend as a child was abducted from a Walmart by a convicted sex offender and found dead the next day.
  • The Freshman In The House made it through band camp. She told me one of the high points was watching a guy in a chicken suit do The Wobble. Say what?
  • High drama in sports talk radio over the weekend as The Fan made what must have been a huge offer to Bob and Dan of The Ticket owned by Cumulus ("the power of radio".)  Yesterday evening it was announced that Cumulus had matched or bettered the offer so they are staying put.  (For you hard core fans, you can jump to the 20 minutes mark here and listen to Dan on Friday pretty much telegraph that it was their last day on the station.)
  • Richie and Greggo while at the Fan have both said they made "six figures".  Those boys at The Ticket, I bet, are making in excess of $500,000.
  • I bought a newspaper over the weekend and a little kid who was staying with us (there's always someone staying with us) was just enthralled with the comic section. There's no question she had never seen a comics section before.
  • I watched a little bit of an old Joe Montana game on the NFL Network while he was near the end of his career with the Chiefs. I remember thinking about how old he at the time. He was 38.
  • And the helmet to helmet hits were amazing. What would get you fined now wasn't even referenced back then.
  • Speaking of age 38. That's how old James Gandolfini was when he first began his role as Tony Soprano.
  • I survived my night in a tent. I'm still debating whether I loved it or hated it.
  • The next day, Mrs. LL and I (and the Family Pup) found the hiking trails and made it to the top of hill for this spectacular view of "Old Baldy". 
  • Sports: The Longhorn Network is replaying the Alabama/Texas national championship game that I had never scene because I was out of town that night. I finally got to watch it. Mack Brown calling a timeout right before halftime and then having newbie Garrett Gilbert throw a shovel pass (which was intercepted and returned for a TD) may have been the most bone headed move ever. 
  • Richie Whitt was on Mike Doocy's show last night and, amazingly, this question was not asked: "So why did you write that five part series about Greggo and your leaving of the The Fan?"
  • A 20 year old from Decatur is listed in the death notices of the Update. What happened?