Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • That storm was brief but violent. 
  • Mrs. LL ran over some metal object on the highway with the Gangsta Mobile and a few minutes later the air conditioner stopped working. Help me Click and Clack!
  • Ted Cruz has called the Joshua valedictorian who broke the rules by deviating from the script of his speech a "true American patriot."
  • The Miss USA pageant was last night and Miss Alabama, when asked about PRISM, said she didn't have a problem with someone "track[ing] all my telephone messages" so she can feel safe wherever she goes. She's not as hot to me after that. 
  • And Miss Utah came close to giving a "because they don't have maps" answer.
  • Sports talk radio fans: Richie Whitt has begun a five part series on what happened to the now cancelled RAGE radio show on The Fan, and the first segment is a dandy.
  • The Family Cat, if she hears the water in the sink on, will jump up and start drinking it. I just let her go and watched her this morning only to ultimately discover she sticks her whole head under the water like she's taking a shower. Weirdest thing ever. 
  • With the Rangers losing six in a row, it seems like old times. 
  • I got extremely hot and light headed after mowing the lawn on Saturday so I ended laying down on the bathroom floor. I kept one arm in the air in case Mrs. LL walked in on me and thought I was dead. I'm sensitive like that. 
  • I love HBO's Hard Knocks but it was beginning to look like it wouldn't be on this Fall. But now news comes that the Cincinnati Bengals have come to the rescue
  • We could have a decision from the Supreme Court as early as thirty minutes from now on challenges to California’s ban on same-sex marriage and the federal Defense of Marriage Act.