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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Sports: (1) If San Antonio would have scored on its last regular season possession the other night, we might have had an officiating nightmare. (2) I locked onto former Ranger Chris Davis from the beginning of this season but it expected him to flame out. Nope. Yesterday he hit two home runs to bring his total to an MLB leading 26. (3) Man, the New England TE Aaron Hernandez might be in a world of murder investigation trouble. This sounds bad
  • There was prostitution/spa raid in Plano which led to eleven federal (sheesh) indictments and the seizure of property worth tens of thousands of dollars.  How much did all that cost us? Oh, and it also led to a big press conference where law enforcement patted themselves on the back and announced that, of course, there was a catchy name associated with the operation: "Operation Flaming Dragon." Not the most sensitive name since most of those arrested were Asian. 
  • Sheriff Joe posted a picture yesterday of an employee of his who he said is now 100 years old. There's no way that guy is 100, is there?
  • Of course, Courtney Stodden needed an augmentation. Girl is crazy.
  • Watched a little bit of Hannity last night for the first time in a long time. He is worse than I remembered. And he had she-has-to-be-doing-a-bit Michelle Malkin on there who just casually threw out that she didn't think there were 12 million undocumented aliens in the country but that the number was "probably closer to 25 to 30 million."
  • I don't know why I stared at this picture of a menu for so long. (It was tweeted by Gordon Keith's former TV show producer who is on the beach somewhere.) It looked like a casual beach restaurant with high prices. 
  • The guy who runs the official twitter account of the Texas District and County Attorneys Association has been tweeting live from committee hearing rooms throughout the session of the Texas legislature. Talk about doing a bit. He tries to do a comedy routine.  Well, yesterday, he got called out by a committee during a meeting as he was tweeting from the back of the room. 
  • Lots of outpouring of emotions over the death of James Gandolfini last night. I bet I've never watched more than two hours of The Sopranos, but Gandolfini had a very brief but great and violent part in one of my favorite movies: A True Romance. 
  • I haven't seen it yet, but there has to be a headline about Gandolfini's death that simply reads, "Cut To Black". 
  • I heard a guy this morning say that "film acting is about acting with your eyes." That's true, isn't it?
  • I'm not a conspiracy nut, but the new yet-to-be-released documentary coming out about TWA 800 being shot out of the sky by a missile sure is getting lots of publicity from normal thinking folks. 
  • RAGE demise Part IV.
  • There's a "Texas Lawyers Of Color Hot List"?
  • I'll be out of pocket most of the day. Mrs. LL has talked me into going to Garner State Park. I normally hate the impromptu day off but it dawned on me that I've never really seen the hill country. That's ridiculous. And if not now, then when? 
  • Mrs. LL reported kayaking down the river was beyond fantastic. And I heard she took along the Family Pup who wore a life jacket. Really. 
  • As I drive through Junction, I'll wonder what Bear Bryant would think of the Barbie Aggie Yell Leaders.