Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • These are wheels off thoughts around a campfire which may make me insane if it won't stay lite. 
  • The hill country is shockingly beautiful. I can't believe this is Texas. I can't believe I've never been here before. 
  • I went through Early, Brownwood, Brady, London, and Junction. My head was on a swivel just trying to take in life in other parts of Texas. 
  • A huge 3M plant in Brownwood and another one I can't think the name of at the moment. 
  • The Post Office is often the nicest building in any small town. 
  • I kayaked down the Frio river. Fantastic. 
  • But it was definitely country.  It was definitely Texas. 
  • I think the most bizarre moment was the guy tubing with a cooler that had built in speakers and twin flags: The American and the Confederate.  
  • As he passed one guy on the shore with the music blaring out of the speakers, he told the guy that he hope he was bothering him. The reply? " Oh no! I like it! And I like them flags, too"
  • Power. Down. 
  • I'm writing this the night before because I'm not sure my battery will hold up. I'm in the camp ground of Garner State Park. It's dark  Birds chirping. Sounds of the Frio river in the background. Along with the distant sound of Game Seven of the NBA as someone has  apparently  brought along a portable satellite dish. 
  • I wanted to hike to the top of Old Baldy tomorrow morning but I can't find it. So frustrating. I can't find a single map to tell me where it is. 
  • I'm sleeping in a tent tonight. A tent. I'm used to my biggest problem being the location if the ice machine. 
  • We bought firewood at a convenience store. 
  • Our dinner at the camp tonight? Take out Mexican food from some place down the road. 
  • Hey, this is fake camping so we can trick it up.
  • Mrs. LL just burned her leg with a latern she got from her brother. Is there a Hilton close by?