Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Headline in the Dallas Morning News today: "Scandal removed from Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson’s Wikipedia page." Seriously? Does anyone over there know how Wikipedia works? Anyone can change it in thirty seconds. 
  • Channel 8 had a brief story last night that the police had "recommended" that the Bridgeport substitute teacher (who played overly aggressive dodge ball with a kid's head) be prosecuted. That's really the wrong word. That just means they turned the case over to the prosecutor for a determination -- something that was guaranteed to happen from the beginning. 
  • An unusually ill-prepared Fox 4 Steve Eager interviewed some MADD mouthpiece last night about the possibility of a change from .08 to .05 in DWI cases.  At one point Eager said that "10,000" people a day die in the U.S. from alcohol related incidents. That was an error of biblical proportions. But, of course, the MADD representative let that information go through uncorrected.
  • I set off an ear splitting office alarm this morning as I scrambled to put in a four digit code. That'll wake a guy up. 
  • How has White House Press Secretary Jay Carney kept his job? That man is awful on his best of days. 
  • The Update today leads with the Murder-On-Mother's-Day story like this is the first we've heard of it. (By the way, the guy in the second story has a neck tattoo that reads, "Rednexican.")
  • Maybe the only thing I find interesting about the NBA playoffs: "In his last 8 games, Jason Kidd has no points on 0-16 field goal shooting and 0-10 in three point shooting."
  • Mrs. LL asked last night whether that "gene screening test" that Angelina Jolie had was available to everyone and how much it cost. Good question. 
  • Pretty interesting blog post about the day reporter Scott Pelley came to Bridgeport in the early 1980s.
  • I always heard the name Billie Sol Estes growing up as a kid, but I really had no idea who he was. He died yesterday. 
  • I bet there's a heck of a lot more to the story than what is being reported about the Irving teen who was accused of "human trafficking" yesterday. 
  • The current political "scandals" sure has pulled Right Wing Talk Radio/TV out of its collective depression. I haven't seen them this happy in almost ten years.
  • Did you see the video of the Dallas jailer slamming a handcuffed girl to the floor causing "shattered and broken teeth" because she wouldn't stay on a line (and might have gotten mouthy?)  After a while other jailers gathered in the background and you can just tell they have that "that wasn't good" look.