Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Nineteen shot at a Mother's Day Parade in New Orleans. Two things: (1) it's amazing no one died and, (2) what an odd way to honor mom..
  • I've said for years and years that Kenny Chesney is positioning himself as the next Jimmy Buffet.  And he's doing it well based upon the huge crowd that turned out to see his shtick at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday night. 
  • It struck me as funny to see Pete Delkus was tweeting photos from Chesney's concert. Just the thought of Delkus dancing with a fist pump in the air brings joy to my heart. 
  • Update over the weekend: "Teen injured in ATV wreck." I thinks it's odd they used the phrase that she was "passed out" when found. And we use helicopter ambulances for "precautionary reasons" these days?
  • Yep, the IRS targeting conservative groups is notagood.
  • Bangladesh death toll: 1,127.
  • The Little Puppy In The House may be the cutest thing I've ever seen. I've never owned a puppy in my life.
  • Man, if you listen to sports talk radio in the metroplex, Boyd's Greg Williams is going scorched earth on his blog.
  • Mrs. LL and I are almost caught up with Breaking Bad. Over the weekend we watched the train robbery episode named Dead Freight. Oh, my.
  • Funny tweet from someone after Sergio Garcia put two shots in the water on the 17th whole yesterday: "Give me another ball, Romeo." That's a Tin Cup reference. (Side note: If I'm ever arrested for murder, I assure you the victim will be someone who constantly shouted, "Get in the hole!")
  • Paraphrasing from a funeral I attended on Saturday: "Accumulating a lot of stuff really doesn't matter much in the end." 
  • Some very spare sounding company called InvestingMakesMeSick.com has been advertising for the last year on the radio about how dumb it is to invest in the stock market.  They've finally abandoned that approach because it was not making them look very smart.
  • Bryce Harper [Edit: Make that Bryce Reed -- maybe one of my strangest screw-ups ever], the guy arrested for bomb making materials in West, is an odd duck. The Dallas Morning News published an article about him over the weekend which is worth the read. No one is saying he is connected to the blast, but there is a weird history of fireman who also like to be arsonists.