How Was I Left Off This Dairy Queen List?

It's some crazy national list about how Dairy Queen is the greatest place on earth. It has junk like this on it: 

Nothing could keep you from your sweet Dairy Queen.

And I'm left off? The most associated product with Dairy Queen since the Dilly Bar and I don't even get a mention? Yet another example of the mainstream media not covering an important aspect of American culture. I'm gonna call MSNBC about this.

It wouldn't have taken much . . . .

People even blog from the humble confines of its home

(Side note: If I could find it, [Edit: Mrs. LL did], I'd link to the letter I got from the assistant general counsel of Dairy Queen a few years back "suggesting" that I cease and desist using Dairy Queen in the title of Liberally Lean. Seriously. It was official and everything. But I never heard from him again. I'm assuming Liberally Lean was Item #1 on some high level Board of Directors meeting where someone made a motion of "Let's not mess with this guy" followed by swift and unanimous approval. I've got to find those minutes - they just have to exist.)

Edit: On a darker note, this is the DQ in Ennis this morning: