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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughs

  • Update: Edited a little bit. My wheels were off this morning. 
  • Lauren Green is a McKinney High student with a GPA near 4.0 and 30 college credit hours. So far so good. But the district says she is one of 13 kids who showed up to senior prom drunk, on a rented bus. She was ordered to attend a disciplinary alternative school for 30 days, which would make her miss graduation. I never have understood kids like that being banned from the ceremony -- after that, they still get to graduate and get the diploma. 
  • Your Fort Worth house is your castle until the cops come by looking for a different house and then shoot you six times until dead while your in your own garage. Looks like the 72 year old dead man used to have a father who pastored a church in Jacksboro.
  • I'm all the way up to date on Breaking Bad. Nice touch for them to play "crystal blue persuasion."
  • The Texas House passed some huge "water bill" but for the life of me I can't figure out how it impacts Wise County. 
  • Mrs. LL is always monitoring my mental health. I'm concerned that she thinks she has to do that. 
  • Isn't it about time for the West Nile Freakout?
  • Mrs. LL and I played x-box's beach volleyball. We managed to get into a fight. A brief one but we sent each other to our rooms for 15 minutes. That seemed to do it. 
  • And it only seemed months ago that the "Economy" was the major issue of every election.