Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There is  a commercial running on the radio advertising former Monkee star Peter Tork's appearance at the Granada Theater tomorrow. But the background Monkees song being played wasn't sung by Tork. I don't know why that bugs me so much. 
  • Have we ever had a Wise Countian compete in the big time National Spelling Bee? (It was on yesterday and I meant to watch part of it.)
  • And if you ever get a chance to see the documentary on the Spelling Bee, be sure to see it: Spellbound.  Still love the girl from Indian competing in the American competition, "In India we don't get second chances." She was speaking in the broader sense instead of competition specific.
  • A reporter for The Oklahoman was arrested for taking upskirt pictures of high school girls at the Moore graduation (the same town hit by the tornado.) He allegedly deleted the photos when confronted. But they better have fantastic proof that he did the deletion or that case is going no where. 
  • We say "thank you" a lot in the house. I like that. 
  • Iraq death toll will break 500 in May. And over 400 were killed last month. There going to have to keep updating the Bush Library aren't' they?
  • There have to be lots of administrators/teachers who watch high school graduations and thank god that some of those troublemakers aren't coming back. 
  • "IRVING -- Irving Independent School District is investigating how a yearbook photo was altered to include a sexually-offensive remark. The caption 'Ugly Hoe' appeared instead of a cheerleader's name in a group photo." I don't know how any yearbook gets published without some prankster tricking up at least one page. 
  • Lots of press yesterday about a guy being sent to prison for 50 years for stealing $35 worth of ribs in Waco. That crime normally carries with it a maximum of 180 days in jail but Texas laws allow for some crazy enhancements if someone has a criminal record and/or threats made at the time of the theft. 
  • Ricin letters were sent to the President and the New York mayor over the last couple of days. Why does no one get bent out of shape about whether to label the act as "terrorism"?
  • Kansas City and St. Louis' game last night was delayed over five hours and the final pitch came at 3:14 a.m. Here's a look at the seats behind home plate
  • Hey, cops are killing citizens in Waco, too: