Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • It looks like the shooting of the Fort Worth homeowner is probably going to be a major police screw-up.  But the ol' "we were in fear for our safety" has already been bantered around. 
  •  "Kountze ISD say it is appealing a district judge's decision to allow cheerleaders to display banners with Bible messages at district sporting events." That struck me as odd at first but I think I know why the school is appealing. (Stay with me here.)  It's all about framing the legal issue. If it is the ACLU vs. both The School and the Girls, then the school has to support the kids' right to make the banner and we get perilously close to having a school sponsored religious message. If the school, on the other hand, takes the opposite side of the girls, the issue is framed as government trying to suppress free speech. This give the girls a better chance to win. And I think that's what the school wants. 
  • Tell me when the hockey and basketball season is over. 
  • Heard on the radio yesterday: The new fashion trend for younger men is a tank top with horizontal stripes? (The first internet search I did revealed one from Brooks Brothers for $50.)  Ugh. So it's a fashionable wife beater? 
  • If I just mention the word "Benghazi" every now and then will it make some of you feel better?
  • Lots of news talk about a tornado near Alvord last night but some weatherman kept referring to it as Alverd. (And I think the worst of it was closer to Sunset.)
  • The number of typos and errors were even higher than usual on here over the last couple of days. And that's because most of it was written while I was loopy off of medication. 
  • The boys on the radio keeping talking about a tornado movie over at the OMNI in Fort Worth in IMAX format. Anyone seen it?
  • In our own American version of a Sunni-Shiite battle, The United Methodist Reporter is ceasing publication while The Baptist Standard keeps plugging along. The Paper Holy War is over. 
  • What in the heck are they doing to the roads at I-35W and 287 at "the Decatur cutoff."   The whole metroplex is under construction. Sheesh.
  • From the Update: "CSCOPE MEETING – Alice Linehan with Women on the Wall will speak about CSCOPE curriculum and Common Core state standards 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 4, at the Decatur Civic Center." Uh. Did someone not get the message that the curriculum is gone? Or did I miss a new memo?
  • Obscure baseball stat that only I care about: Chris Davis, the one time hapless member with the Rangers after getting chance after chance, is now batting .359 with 19 homers and 50 RBIs  He's 27 years old from Longview, Texas and may have finally figured it out. (I think my sister-in-law knows his mother and says he's a good kid.)
  • Most Recent Dennis Prager beatdown: A caller, for some reason, mentioned his diet and Prager shut him down and said, "Let me tell you, I know a great deal about nutrition."  What does he not know!!!???