Road Rage 101

Language warning.

You know, I think this video is fairly educational and thought provoking.

  1. If you get into it with another car, don't stop. Back off. People are crazy. (I had to remind this to Mrs. LL on our Florida trip as she almost engaged an Alabama redneck. She gets behind the wheel in the Gangsta Mobile and all of a sudden she thinks she's Lil' Kim.)
  2. Two against one always violates the rules of Fight Club. Fight fair, boys. This is America.
  3. The older guy's wife hands him a gun? Really? This is really the point of this post. The fight was over when she did that, so is that really the smart thing to do? The guy has to be ramped up and pissed off, and I'm amazed he didn't pull the trigger.

Edit: I'll be dang. There's an update. "Deputies say what's not seen on the video is the husband firing several rounds into the pickup truck as he left."