Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • While you were sleeping: "4 car bomb attacks against Shiite mosques in Baghdad kill at least 19 people, wound 72." Iraq has to be Bush's legacy, doesn't it? 
  • I saw the story in the Star-Telegram of the male Colleyville school counselor being indicted for "improper relationship" with a student but this one has all sorts of twists: The alleged victim is a male, and the defendant is a reserve deputy, has a Master's degree, lives in Trophy Club, and is on the Northwest ISD school board.
  • So far this week, the living room has been commandeered by the Females in the House because of "The Notebook" and "The Princess Bride." I've got to get some scene control.
  • Several months ago I almost bought tickets to the games this weekend at Cowboys Stadium because I thought Baylor stood a good chance of being there. I was sooo wrong about Baylor, but I'd really like to be there today. (But look what they've done to the big jumbo screen: They've added smaller screens underneath it so those close to the basketball court can see.)
  • On WBAP this morning, there was a spokesman for megachurch Fellowship Church who said the modern church needs to evolve in order to "meet the needs of its members".  Is that Biblical? Since when is it the Church's role to "meet the needs of its members"?  I would expect my golf club to do that, but not my church. 
  • When asked about today's progressive church which has "guitars and drums and stuff like that", he said that if the church doesn't change with the times, "It will become extinct." Think about what he is really saying. 
  • Tell me I don't live the glamorous life: This morning, with the house asleep, I let the Puppy-Saved-From-Death-Row outside to go pee but that required me to remove her doggie diaper and then replace it.
  • Regarding the Dennis Prager defenders: I'll admit I had no idea he did a live performance with Adam Carolla. I'll try to listen to it because I cannot imagine those two together. Perhaps one of my biggest beefs with Prager is his view that you should never attend a traditional college or university because you will be indoctrinated with worldly views. If you fear that your fellow man can't handle being exposed to other ideas, aren't you saying you don't think much of your fellow man?
  • I'm a convert: I'd rather read a book on a Kindle or iPad than hold one in my hand and turn the page. I never thought I'd say that. 
  • The Rangers start their season on Sunday. My prediction: I don't have one for the team. But here's a specific one: Yu Darvish will finish second in the Cy Young voting to Justin Verlander. 
  • I was a little frustrated with myself for going to Destin in early March because it was a tad bit cool. But the last two weeks there, according to weather reports, makes our week a look like Paradise. 
  • My office is converting to paperless. It's a fantastic idea especially with today's cheap online storage ("cloud storage".) But it is quite a shock to get used to taking a document, scanning it, uploading it, and then shredding the original. 
  • Fort Myers is excited about Florida Gulf Coast playing at Jerry World tonight: