Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Loved this sentence in a Dallas Morning News blog post yesterday: "The city filed a lawsuit two years ago to seek an injunction against XTC Cabaret, alleging in a lawsuit that it’s a place where people go for prostitution, sexual assault, aggravated assault, aggravated robbery and drugs." I guess seeking two of the five makes some sense. The other three? Not so much. 
  • There was an Aggie professor who committed suicide a few weeks back. Now we know why, and a guy is under arrest because of it. Such sorriness.
  • Johnny Football has decided to discontinue his Twitter account because, I presume, to keep him out of trouble. Does this mean he doesn't have the self-discipline not to post something stupid?
  • What a crazy police chase last night. Mrs. LL called that the guy was dead way before it dawned on the local anchors. And I'm not sure his truck went into the median because he hit spike strips. He might have off'd himself while going down the hallway.
  • By the way, is Fox 4's Clarice Tinsley the master of the obvious?
  • I try to keep off Facebook because I find it an incredible beating (I have to got through a hundred posts of "Like if you love the Bible", "Like if you want to end cancer", "Share if you love your wife", before I find some actual news.) However, the number of red equal signs that popped up yesterday as profile pics in support of Gay Marriage was quite the phenomenon. I've never seen public opinion change so much on an issue in a single decade.
  • The Right Wing has to be against the law to be argued today in the Supreme Court, right? The federal Defense Of Marriage Act is something that the federal government has no business being involved in since it is a State's Rights issue, correct?
  • Heard on the radio this morning: Some folks at NASA knew there was a possibility that the Shuttle Columbia would disintegrate upon re-entry in 2003 but the astronauts weren't told. What if they had told the astronauts and the American people the day before re-entry. Wouldn't everyone in the U.S. have been glued to the TV that Saturday morning?
  • Mrs. LL watched a movie called Compliance, and I've heard more than a handful of people comment that the film "is really bizarre and messed up." The fact that people are talking about it when it only grossed $318,622 in theaters means it must be weird.
  • Britney Griner last night had 33 points, 22 rebounds, and 3 dunks in Baylor's 85-47 win last night over Florida State in the second round of the NCAA Tourney. From ESPN: "There will be more players like Griner. Maybe not tomorrow or even next year, but eventually they will come. When they do, maybe sports fans will be more ready for them, and the verbal darts that have flown these past four years will look like rusty relics, a weapon of the uninformed. Griner has surely learned that most uncut paths are lined with thorns. What have the rest of us learned?"
  • I suppose its a matter of time before Wise County releases the police car videos of the big shootout last week. You know the national media is just bombarding the county with Open Records request. Edit: I've confirmed that Wise County received 40 such requests alone.