Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • DPS says in a new report, "Mexican cartels pose the single greatest organized crime threat to Texas." Well, as far as organized crime goes, who else could possibly be on the list? The Mafia? I suspect the release of that report during a legislative session has more to do with hopes for their budget than the danger of Mexican cartels. 
  • The sports radio stations are engulfed with commercials for testosterone clinics. Is that a scam? I mean, a guy goes to to one of those clinics, I would think the chances of him being diagnosed with low testosterone is about 90%.
  • Saw someone call this the greatest tennis shot of the year. Not bad. 
  • Odd thought this morning: I had almost forgotten about the old Garcia's Restaurant in Decatur. Am I losing it, or did it used to be at the location where Frilly's is now?
  • Someone commented yesterday that Don Jose's (formerly Armando's) has closed. True?
  • Documentarian John Ziegler has been all over the talk shows promoting his new film on Jerry Sandusky. That guy may  be the biggest jerk in the history of ever. 
  • I think there's only one reader who knows who radio talk show host Dennis Prager is (who I've mentioned a time or two since discovering him.) I don't think I've ever heard a more out-of-touch, naive, humorless, and judgmental man in my life. 
  • BagofNothing guy believes the Irving mayor is a "Hey, Now". As far as local politics goes, definitely. 
  • The Family Pup is definitely pregnant and will probably give birth in the next couple of weeks. Is it odd that I feel sorry for her? 
  • I haven't followed the Amanda Knox case very quickly but I did hear that an Italian court reversed her acquittal on appeal (something that can't happen in the U.S., by the way). But I agree with this short piece: There's is no way the U.S. will ever extradite her. 
  • Dallas Morning News reporter Tim Cowlishaw was on The Ticket this morning promoting his new book where he told a bizarre story about how he was in Jimmy's Johnson's home about three days before Jimmy's breakup with Jerry Jones where he saw Jimmy "dropping expletives" and "literally crying." 
  • Julia Decatur was a Park Cities real estate agent and "socialite" who was sentenced to eight years in prison yesterday for literally stabbing her husband in the back. (She recorded the audio of the event on her cell phone. Bad move.)  A quick Google search led to this book in photo of her in Florida for DWI in 2010.  (They list her as Decaturschrader but she went by Decatur-Schrader.)
  • The Wise County Courthouse won't be open to meetings after 5:00 p.m. to private groups based upon security reasons. Sidenote: There is nothing creepier than the courthouse basement at night.