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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A train outside of Decatur yesterday had about 10 of those giant windmill fans on it. Seems a smarter way to transport them than by mega-truck.
  • The Taliban has one American soldier being held captive: Bowe Bergdahl. The U.S. was close to cutting a deal for his release (but couldn't label it a "deal" since we "don't negotiate with terrorists") but it fell through earlier this year. 
  • If you went to a theater at Northpark Mall last night and dropped your cocaine, the police have it. 
  • Best anti-drug movies: Less Than Zero and Requiem For A Dream
  • Mrs. LL tells me that some of my former softball players have been asking about me. That's perfectly normal and not unusual, but I think it's so cool. 
  • Local newscasts always refer to DWI as DUI. In Texas, DUI is reserved for minors who have consumed alcohol but who are not intoxicated while driving. It's the equivalent of a traffic ticket.
  • Dallas is having a "no refusal" weekend.  Once again, you can refuse a breath or blood test. However, the government will take your blood by force. 
  • The TCU baseball team gave up 11 runs in the ninth inning yesterday. And still won
  • I always vote in the Republican primary. At the alternative, there aren't many choices and it's kind of lonely.
  • Mrs. LL was a volunteer for someone who was getting trained to apply spray-on tan. It turned out well.  except the Mrs. might have touched an area of her body as it was bring applied leaving handprints in a very funny/awkward place. 
  • Learned a softball rule: What happens if there are two strikes and the batter swings but the ball deflects off her hand. Foul ball? Take your base? Strike? (Answer below.)
  • Just heard a sound bite from Tony Romo. He continues his five year streak of saying "work" and "get better" in every interview. Ever since he fired off that "if this is the worst thing that happens" quote after a playoff loss, he has shut the media out.
  • I'm really liking my terrorist book, but I'm struggling to learn anything significant that wasn't in a two hour National Geographic TV special (which I can't remember the name of and can't find.)
  • The Update makes reference to a new Texas Monthly article about great drives in Texas -- one of which ends in Decatur. Trust me, that tiny blurb in the Update is the only thing the article says about Decatur. It gets one small paragraph.
  • And the drive is from Paris to Denison to Gainesville to Decatur. Let me know if that excites you. 
  • Answer: A strike. 
  • That's a huge alligator . . . 

Edit: Loved one of the comments about the gator. Paraphrasing: "What do you mean it's not self defense? It's an 11 foot gator! I'm scared of it and I'm two counties away!"