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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • DFW sports radio rankings.
  • Tim Reiger of Decatur was mentioned  by the Rangers broadcast team member Tom Grieve in the 9th inning on Friday night.  But I forgot why.
  • Mrs. LL left me alone for the weekend as she ran off to Sea World. "No parties," she told me. Didn't have to worry about that.
  • I watched the first five episodes of Mad Men. I'm still not sure what I'm watching, but the feel of the show is very, very cool.
  • Young (and attractive) lawyer was randomly stabbed inside of a Dallas Target late last week.
  • Horrible misprint on a  UT commencement program.  
  • Is bull-nettle still prevalent in Texas? I haven't heard of anyone getting into it in a long time.
  • I'll say it again, those anti-Ted Cruz "he-represents-the-Chinese" aren't just borderline racist, they are racist. David Dewhurst should be ashamed of himself. Crus is the ultimate conservative Tea Partier, and I'm no fan of his, but he needs to win that race.
  • Good grief: Five people leave a Hooters off of Hulen last night and then proceed south on I-35. A car then pulls up next to them and unloads five gunshots into their car killing two of them.  Not that it makes it any better, but I hope that wasn't totally random.
  • Saw a Trooper stopping a kid on College Street in the Decatur city limits this morning.
  • Lawyer stuff:  The guy who represents Torii Hunter's son in the Prosper sexual assault case was in Wise County a couple of months ago representing someone in a criminal case. He actually stopped me on the street to ask me some questions about the ins and outs of our courthouse. Lawyer stuff #2:  Denton lawyer Tricia Perry (who used to come to Wise County) is representing the kid accused of setting the dog on fire in Dallas. I heard her on 105.3 The Fan on Friday afternoon. 
  • Watched a fantastic documentary on VH1:  "Uprising: Hip Hop and the LA Riots."
  • I watch a lot of TV when Mrs. LL isn't around. (And throw the ball into the backstop a lot.) 
  • She went to Sea World with what sounds like a ton of Girl Scouts who actually spent the night in the park.  Mrs. LL says she tried to sleep while next to a glass wall which, on the other side, had a penguin who starred at her in the middle of the night.
  • Oh, and she reports the bypass around Austin is the greatest thing in the history of ever and has a speed limit of 80 miles per hour.