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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There may be seven dead on Mt. Everest in a 48 hour period. It's Into Thin Air all over again. (Fantastic book, by the way.)
  • Dallas scooter death. (He was a Belo employee.)
  • The Kennedale mayor resigned over the weekend for allegations he had inappropriate contact with students as a substitute teacher. Turns out he is accused of patting one or two of them on the bottom. If convicted, he faces a maximum fine of $500 and no time in jail. Yep, it's the equivalent of a traffic ticket.
  • Went to an outdoor school band concert last night which is a horrible idea when you allow other class bands to turn the lawn behind you into a playground. 
  • Order a pizza from Pizza Patron on June 5th and get it for free. That is, if you order it in Spanish. (That place is a marketing genius since everyone is talking about it this morning.)
  • A gal up at the courthouse wouldn't tell me what she ordered but did tell me it cost $99.99 for a 60 day supply, it would be delivered, and had nothing to do with weight loss.  Driving me crazy. 
  • Have you seen the video of the North Carolina pastor suggesting that gays and lesbians be rounded up and placed inside an electric fence so in a few years they will die out? And it looks like at one point he held back on what he really wanted to say.
  • Undercover cops in Dallas went to an apartment complex to buy drugs and end up killing a resident after he allegedly tried to rob them. Create your own crime for job security.
  • That John Edwards jury enters its third day of deliberations.  You would think means they are leaning towards an acquittal, but it almost always turns out the other way after long deliberations. 
  • I could have sworn I saw a crew from the City of Decatur doing lawn work around the courthouse this morning.  I'm pretty certain that's county property normally maintained by the county (and normally with inmates.) 
  • It was an incredibly slow 24 hour news period.