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The War On Drugs Might Now Be Beginning To Pick On The Wrong People

Seventeen TCU students, including four football players, have been arrested after a six-month investigation by Fort Worth and TCU police that included students selling drugs to undercover officers, police and TCU officials said Wednesday.
"All of those arrested are drug dealers," TCU Police Chief Steven McGee said at a morning news conference. More.

Changes occur when those with influence start having their own ox gored. And when that ox is their kid who would have otherwise had a bright and wonderful future but for an undercover and expensive investigation by the government, that could be the beginning  to the end of the goring.

The way we deal with drugs is stupid. These kids will have their mugshot on TV by tonight, they'll be kicked out of school, the criminal justice system will suck some money out of  them and their parents, and they'll spend the rest of their life trying to explain to a potential employer that they aren't Pablo Escobar.

The comments that are forthcoming are predictable. But, mark my word, just like we look back on black and white water fountains, one of these days we will hold our head in shame on how we treated people in the War on Drugs.

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Edit:  Here's the arrest warrant affidavit for Tanner Brock.  He allegedly sold 1/2 of an ounce of marijuana to an undercover cop on one occasion. Weed???!!!!! He's got sucked into this because of weed???!!!! Oh, the humanity!